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We are committed to helping people find safer and effective alternatives to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. There have been some very good studies and reports on e-cigarettes and health effects over the past several years. The information below is essential reading for those considering using electronic cigarettes as well as for legislators, regulators, public health advocates or healthcare providers.


CASAA - The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association

An excellent collection of clinical research, lab reports, scientific opinion, survey studies and legal documents regarding electronic cigarettes. Also an excellent resource for information and epidemiological research on tobacco harm reduction.

Dr. Riccardo Polosa - Professor of Medicine at University of Catania, Italy

Professor Polosa has pioneered some of the first medical studies on electronic cigarettes, their benefit and effectiveness of using them as a smoking cessation device. For more information on Dr. Polosa's work, visit

Dr. Michael Siegel - Professor at Boston University School of Public Health

Professor Siegel discusses the attitudes of many advocacy and government groups vs. the huge potential electronic cigarettes have for public health.

Dr. Carl Phillips, author of "anti-THR lies" on anti-tobacco harm reduction

Dr Phillips has spent most of his career as a Professor of public health, then became focused primarily on the study of THR (Tobacco Harm Reduction). Dr. Phillips discusses the viability of electronic cigarettes as a safer way to reduce the public health effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes. For more information on Phillips work, visit, Anti-THR lies, as well as

Dr. David Baron UCLA Santa Monica Chief of Staff discusses e-cigarettes and their safety

Dr Baron discusses the various differences, and safety concerns regarding electronic cigarettes as well as contrasting the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes. This video was produced by another electronic cigarette manufacturer several years ago, however the information is very well presented.




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  • April 10th 2013
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